Props for your Practice

Yoga is becoming a passion of yours and you're excited to continue your practice and make it the best it can be. You've likely committed to your practice at this point, which takes  a lot of determination. Great job. Here's a short list of the most common and helpful accessories you may have or desire to add to you practice to help make it unforgettable.


1. The mat


Your mat is your companion in your yoga journey. It's first on my list (for obvious reasons) and will likely be your most used accessory in our practice. Your mat will be laid on the ground, marking your space, creating an environment dedicated to your practice, allowing you to stretch out much as your mat has. More importantly than marking your space, your mat provides stability and grip to perform asanas without the fear of slipping and hurting yourself. Admittedly, I'm a little bias but as your mat is the more frequently used accessory, why not use the best mat available? REECH yoga mats provide a never-slip grip that is unrivaled in the marketplace while still having almost 5mm in cushion to help relieve pressure on your joints while practicing. Try one today risk free!


2. A yoga meditation cushion


Yoga is about movement but also meditation. Freeing your mind is impossible if you are not comfortable and your back begins to ache or your legs are falling asleep. A good meditation cushion will help you find the right position, straightening your spine, and help you devote your energy to controlling your mind not your muscles. There are cushions of various shapes and size, making it possible for everyone to find one that works for their practice.


3. A yoga block


Many yogis keep a yoga block (or two) on hand at all times. These blocks can serve to better ones grip while performing asanas and allowing them to be completed in a more correct and safe fashion. Many beginners use block to supplement lower flexibility but advanced yogis use them as well in more complex postures.


Would a REECH yoga block interest anyone in our community? It's something I've been thinking about adding to our product offering for a while. Let me know what you think!


4. A yoga strap


A yoga strap can be used to help achieve, deepen and maintain postures. This is a very versatile prop for both beginners and experienced yogis. Starting out, it is an effective tool to help enter and stay in positions, stretch a little deeper when stiff, and maintain proper alignment. For the more advanced, a strap allows you to deepen your posture, explore more complicated variations, and perform deeper stretched.


Did you know all REECH mats come with a free yoga strap? That's not the reason I love REECH mats but it's a little added bonus!


Let me know what your favorite props are in your practice!



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