We know you care. So do we.

You landing on this page tells us all we need to know. You care about sustainability and giving back as much as we do. As a consumer, you know the importance of purchasing from sustainable and eco-friendly companies. As a company, we know the importance of making products that conserve natural resources, will not harm the environment if disposed of and leaving the planet a little better than we found it.

100% Biodegradable

We are committed to only offering products that are 100% biodegradable. Meaning... if you ever decide to get rid of your REECH mat (we hope you don't!) we encourage you to cut it up and bury it in the ground. In less than 5 years, you mat will have completely decomposed and turned into soil for plants to grow in. Maybe they already are!

This is true for our current products (namaSTAY yoga mat & the upcycled t-shirt) and will remain a focus as we grow and expand our product offerings in the future.

Packaging… No one ever talks about packaging!

We do. Our packaging, just like our products, is always 100% biodegradable. This includes everything! The box, shipping tape, labels, inserts, stickers. EVERYTHING!

Not Enough

Creating products that are eco-friendly and packaging them with equal consideration is only the start. We understand that our manufacturing process and shipping of goods has an impact on the environment as well. We’re talking about our carbon footprint. The carbon dioxide that is released into the atmosphere as a byproduct. As we grow, we’ll work to minimize the initial footprint but right now we’re focused on offsetting it.

Small actions can make BIG impacts

If helping the planet is important to you, which we know it is, help out today. Purchasing a REECH product is the biggest way you can contribute but even if you aren’t ready at least sign up for our mailing list to join our community. Share our brand and mission with your friends. Encourage them to sign up for our newsletter as well. Together we’ll make BIG impacts!