Yoga in Nature

Yoga outdoors, all the benefits of a wellness practice.

We have been waiting for it all winter and finally here it is, the sun! The temperature is rising, the days are getting longer, plants are beginning to bloom, the world around us is becoming brighter and more colorful.

So why not indulge this desire and move your yoga practice outside, into the open air?

To practice outdoors, simply choose a place (or try out a variety of places) in which you can connect with nature, away from roads, excessive noise and other sources of disturbance. Beyond that, there are no limits. You can choose to be by the sea, the mountains, a forest, meadow, riverbank, beach, park behind your house... the options are limitless!

Having a connection with nature is important, since we spend a lot of time in offices, shops, restaurants, gyms, and movie theaters, etc. (maybe not the last two so much this one recently). These are all indoor places with fabricated environments. It's useful to connect with nature and take advantage of the turning seasons and good weather.

Let's take a look at how practicing outdoors can have an impact on you and your senses.


Did you know your nervous system has a predisposition to the colors blue and green that influences openness and relaxation? Two of the most prevalent colors in nature help you relax when seen.


Being in contact with clean air we naturally breathe deeper, allowing a greater air exchange, good oxygenation throughout our bodies and increasing  our lung capacity.


The sun not only gives us a pleasant complexion but it can be good for the whole body (remember to protect yourself when being exposed for long periods of time!). The sun activates biochemical processes that occur with greater difficulty during the winter and the natural light (sunshine) has a positive impact on mood, which is easier to absorb as the temperature warms up.

We can listen to the sensations our bodies feel from the temperature, the air on our skin, and feet touching the ground. We can see how our practice changes according to the characteristics of the place and the different sensations.


We are used to practicing yoga in silent rooms, perhaps accompanied by mantras or carefully curated relaxing music. Throughout our days we're exposed to "unnatural" sounds (traffic, radios, phones, etc.). When practicing outdoors, we suddenly find ourselves in a place away from all this manufactured noise, in silence. But longer we're there we realize nature isn't that silent after all! Staying and bringing your attention to the present we start to hear the beautiful sounds of nature. Birds chirping, leaves rustling, waves crashing. These new and natural sounds help us to keep our attention alive and allow us to verify the sensations we're experiencing.



Until next week!


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