Life Lessons from a Yogi

What is Yoga in your opinion? A kind of gentle gymnastics? A trip? A relaxing practice? You know for sure that there are different styles of Yoga. You will have heard of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa style, Anusara Yoga ...

But beyond the various styles of Yoga, what is Yoga really for you who practice it or would like to start practicing it? In short, thinking that Yoga is just a way to gain flexibility and balance on a physical level by connecting positions in a sensible sequence is really limiting.

The simple word 'balance' should make you think. A light bulb went on, didn't it?

Yes, because when we talk about balance we usually do not refer only to the body but to our inner state.

Yoga is a growth path that leads you to develop three fundamental aspects: physical, psychic and spiritual. The practice of Yoga and meditation, a reflection on perseverance and a deepening of self-knowledge can truly transform your life.

When you start practicing Yoga you can't help but look within.

You are on the mat during a Yoga class while trying to reach the correct position indicated by the teacher, but at a certain point you find a difficulty, you meet a limit. For example, you notice that the palm of your hand cannot touch the ground as 'it should'.

What happens at this point?

In Yoga, competition with others must never come into play because the practice of each position is strictly personal. Even in a group lesson I recommend that you consider the practice of asanas as a private moment. There is only you, with your body, your mind, your spirit and the mat, ready to follow the teacher's instructions.

First of all, try to become aware of the existence of your limit. Think about what the causes of this limitation may be. Are they really only related to the body? Or is something emotional blocking you and you can't let go? Why are your muscles so tight and tight?

Start observing yourself from this point of view and you will immediately understand that Yoga is a school of life.

The asanas - the positions of Yoga - thus become a starting point for facing existence. They help keep the body healthy and fit but this is not the goal. A healthy body allows us to live better and to progress in our personal growth and, if we will, on our spiritual path.

You have to deal with your body all your life, you certainly cannot neglect it. It is not right to 'deny' the body but it is also not good to think that it is the only expression of ourselves.

We all have a wonderful inner garden to take care of. And Yoga - the real one - provides an ethics to be followed in everyday life, even more so when we are not on the mat.

I speak of respect for oneself and for others and the ability to put oneself at the service of those who need our help, but also of an interior and exterior cleanliness and an ecological vision that has respect for the Planet at its center.

Yoga is not an aerobics class, it is a life lesson. Do you agree?

What is Yoga for you and how has it changed your life?


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