Caring for your REECH Mat

We get a lot of questions about how to properly care for your REECH mat. Especially if you use your mat every day, it’s important that you know how to clean it, store it, and take care of it. We’ve compiled everything you need to know in this blog post, so you can give your mat the love that it deserves and help it last a long time!

Storing your mat

After a sweaty asana practice, you want to make sure your mat dries off before rolling it up and storing it. If you’re coming home from a class, no worries! Roll it up, take it home, and then make sure you lay your mat out flat or hang it to dry for a few hours after use. Storing your mat dry is important, as rolling up a wet mat will make it harder for it to dry in-between yoga sessions. It’s also important that you do not leave your mat out in the sun to dry. Any yoga mat loses its grip if left in the sun for too long, especially our recycled natural tree rubber mats, which are biodegradable. Practicing out in the sun is fine, but just make sure that you keep it somewhere shaded while it dries off.

After drying, make sure you never fold your mat.  Just roll it up and store it wherever is most convenient for you!

Cleaning your mat

Cleaning your mat is easy. Just take a bowl of lukewarm water, add a drop of dish soap--a drop goes a long way!--and stir it up (Bob Marley style). Lay your mat flat and, using a soft towel or gentle sponge, wipe down your mat using this solution. Wipe it off with just water afterwards to remove the soap and residue, and lay it out or hang it to dry. Then, store it as described above. We get lots of questions about using essential oils to clean your mat. Although they smell good, essential oils are strong and can damage or stain the surface of your mat over time. We recommend just water or, if it needs a good clean, using a small amount of dish soap.

The REECH mats are antibacterial and antifungal, meaning they stay pretty clean. We know many of the yogis that use our mats get pretty sweaty though, so cleaning your mat every 5-15 uses is a good idea, depending on how much you sweat. No need to clean it after each use, though!

Taking good care of your REECH mat ensures that it will be around to support you in your practice for a long time.

Hopefully we have answered all your questions about this! If you need anything else, always feel free to contact us at

Much love everybody, and thank you for supporting our small business!